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Meeting Client Needs:Today and Tomorrow

 "We specialize in designing and installing "complete" water treatment systems for industrial applications including water softening, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and deionization. Our technical capabilities and product line are organized to serve specific markets. We are very excited to offer our clients the GE-OSMONICS equipment Brand name."     Thomas Borcherding, President

Wisconsin Industrial Water GroupWe recognize that our success will continue as long as our design solutions accurately reflect and respond to the client’s specific needs. Our technical capabilities and product line are organized to serve specific markets. We have tailored our organization to be project-oriented.

With an eye toward the future, we continue to strengthen our technical base and expand our capabilities to
meet the increasingly complex requirements for quality water in commercial/industrial applications.

Wisconsin Industrial Water Group
Industrial Water Purification
using Reverse Osmosis
and Deionization

• Extensive experience and broad background in commercial and industrial application for water treatment.
• Hands-on knowledge in the latest progressive techniques for water treatment systems.
• We are prior corporate managers and technical professionals.

Professional Services-
Beyond the Ordinary

Through the years, Wisconsin Industrial Water Group has developed expertise which extends beyond
conventional mechanical/electrical systems design. Our ability to execute and manage complex design projects
involving....Central Water Softening Plants, Specialized Reverse Osmosis Systems, ultrafiltration for water recycle
and reuse, custom built Recirculated Deionized Water Systems, and other unique facility systems has extended
our capabilities to the leading edge of the water treatment profession. As a result, our engineers are frequently
asked to provide leadership at seminars and educational programs for owners and other design professionals
throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. We have additionally been called upon by trade publications to provide
input which reflects advancements in the industry.

We specialize in designing and installing systems for water softening, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis
and deionization.

Equipment Sales and Service -Installing the GE-Osmonics equipment Brand name

• Water treatment equipment and systems for....high purity water and used process water.
• High purity water and used process waste water
• Storage tanks, pumps, valves
• Process controls and instrumentation

Master Planning

• Complete water systems and planning
• Space needs analysis
• Existing facilities analysis for budgeting and obsolescence studies.
• Life cycle costing and water system simulations
• Water recycle and reuse

Project Management

• Contract installations
• Contractor/Consultant selection
• Cost estimating
• Maintenance Management

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Thomas Borcherding, President

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